Do I have to provide my phone number for sign

No, you do not have to provide your phone number while signing up. You can

Is there any option to turn off the mic and c

Yes, you can turn off your device’s camera and mic during an ongoing event. You

What equipment will be required to stream an

To stream an event using Flutin Live, you will necessarily require a mobile or PC

What is the maximum duration of an event that

Though there is no limit to the event duration, there is a monthly limit to

Can I use Flutin Live on a mobile phone to st

Yes, you can easily schedule as well as stream your online event using Flutin Live

Is there any free plan on Flutin Live?

Yes, Flutin Live does have a free plan that comes with basic features. But, to

How to create a Live Streaming event on Fluti

An event can be created on Flutin Live by following some simple steps. Watch this

How can I sign up with Flutin Live?

Signing up with Flutin Live is as simple as it gets. Follow the steps below